General aspects:

  • Are the backscatter profiles of different systems (same and different manufactures) comparable?
  • Which differences occur between the backscatter profiles depending on
    • altitude region
    • weather condition
    • time of the day
    • saturation effects
    • polarization effects


With respect to aerosol profiling: (responsibility DWD Hohenpeißenberg):

  • Which instruments can be used for aerosol profiling in which part of the troposphere (PBL, lower and upper free troposphere)?
  • What are the limits of the different instruments?
    • What is the measurement range depending on averaging time and aerosol load (optical depth)?
    • Daytime capability?
    • Performance in the overlap region?
    • Water vapor absorption – test of correction schemes and uncertainty estimation? (responsibility M. Wiegner, LMU Munich)
    • What are optimal instrument settings for aerosol profiling?


With respect to cloud observations: (responsibility DWD Lindenberg)

  • What are the differences in backscatter profiles for different cloud types?
  • What are the limits in the detection of high clouds?
  • What are the limits in the detection of low and mid-level clouds ?
  • What are the differences between cloud detection algorithm between different systems/manufactures?