bug in Raw2L1 ?

It seems that reading procedure for CL31 and CL51 in Raw2L1 is not completely correct.

Reading Vaisala data is a 2-step procedure (see manual):

  1. convert hex data to integer
  2. if number > 2E19 -> data = -2E20-number

It seems that the second step is missing. This is the reason why netCDF data from Vaisala systems are not yet available at the FTP server

Matthias Wiegner says:
Jun 19, 2015 03:39 PM
When I convert Vaisala's hex-data, I do the following: read as integer, then substract 1048576 if the integer was larger than 524288. This agrees to Ina's comment, if Ina's "2e19" is interpreted as 2 to the power of 19 and not in the normal way (2 times 10 to the power of 19). Consider this as a clarification, in case somebody else was confused. Have a nice weekend!